[Pictures mentioned above were taken by the lovely lady Joyce (JustLikeSushi)]

[Pictures mentioned above were taken by the always-gorgeous Cindy (ComeOverToTheDarkSideWeHaveCandy)]

See what happens when you put a bunch of crazy bloggers together at the openingparty of a fabulous fashionstore, give them a digital camera (or two..) and.. be surprised by the amount of hysterical pictures you’ll get. Up is the result. And yes, I do know I look like an extremely mentally disturbed person sometimes, but at least I dare showing off my ugly-side, haha lol! I think I might publish some extra pictures later on if you like.

To the point: yesterdag I visited the opening of the Monki-store in Amsterdam. I really love the – kinda quirky – concept of the store, the fairytale-like environment, the outer-space-vibe.. and of course I love their clothing. I think I’ll visit the store again soon and I’ll show you my buys then (some some amazing garments which will suit my autumn/winter-wardrobe perfectly..).


What was I wearing?

Blouse – Noblesse

Skirt – H&M

Tights: Bijenkorf (Dutch warehouse)

Heels: Zara <3

Watch: Michael Kors

Jewellery: random

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