What’s In The Bag Today?

Walking down the streets I always try to imagine what women are carrying around in their bags and purses.. Usually you can find me dragging a huge bag around, including an enormous amount of trash. Outcome: sore shoulders and a painful back. That’s why I tried to stop carrying loads of trunk, and start every day with a perfectly arranged bag. What do you think, huh? This is what my bag looks like today. Pretty decent, in my opinion.

Yellow leather bag: Asos

Contents: Wallet|Mango, Agenda\unknown, Blackberry with an extremely ugly cover, Sculpting Disc\Sephora, Lipstick\Catrice, Large bunch of keys, Sunglasses\RayBan Wayfarer limited ed., deodorant\Dove, Coconut Bodybutter\The Body Shop, Viktor&Rolf fragrance <3.

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