Pow! Pow!

FINALLY! I’ve been looking for the perfect alternative for the beloved Acne Pistol boots, but didn’t manage to do so.. So why not buy the real deal? This Pistol short boot is made of real fabulous leather and has this quite low, chunky heel and rough, edgy feel I’d like to match with most of my outfits. In fact, for me it is the perfect boot for daily wear, to give a girly dress this extra raw edge that I like, to complete a basic outfit, you name it! Pure perfection in my opinion.. I’ve been wearing them the last two days and as you can see a little wrinkling is going on yet.. But I don’t even mind, I think they look even more gorgeous when slightly worn! I’m sure these boots will be starring a lot of my upcoming outfitposts ;) What do you think?

Black leather ankle boots – Acne

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