For me, the Amsterdam International Fashionweek started today! After having to watch the openingshow on livestream yesterday, today I had a day full of shows! As you can see, this caused a huge picture-overload, so I had to put some of my absolute faves in a collage. If you want to see bigger pictures, just send me an e-mail of just leave a comment about it. For now, I really need to catch some sleep, since days like these give me a boost of energy, but takea lot of it at the same time. I’ll show you the rest of today’s pictures ánd what I was wearing later on.

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  1. Nice!!
    Love Roparosa & Roya Hesam!!
    Was je bij Bas Kosters? Die was zo vet!
    Can’t wait for Supertrash zaterdag =D

  2. Geweldige foto’s, love Roparosa!

  3. Goeie foto’s zeg! Geweldige shows

  4. nice dat je erbij was!

  5. so so cool- absolutely love these photos- thankyou for sharing them on here!! Ropa Rosa and Roya Hesam get my vote in love!!Have fun! Katie.xx
    fashion clocked

  6. wow, mooie blog :)!!


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