I guess the time has come that I can really say I’m over with the excessive shopping-behaviour I kept on doing for over a couple of years now. I won’t say I’ll quit shopping or abandon my passion for clothing and fashion, but I think I can really say I’m feel a huge urge to create a decent, clean and balanced wardrobe. This is why I’m going to have this tremendous closet-clean-out soon, sell all the redundant pieces of garment I own, give it to friends or charity and start to build up a whole new, well-balanced wardrobe. I know this doesn’t sound like a very new idea and it isn’t that innovative either, but I guess it will work for me. You might have read about the 5-piece-French-wardrobe I wrote about a few posts ago. Since then I’ve been receiving some e-mails with questions about ‘how this principle really works’. I can only give the uncomplicated answer: I don’t know. It’s not that I discovered, nor created the 5-piece-principle, it’s just a generally known initial concept about how te create the wardrobe I was talking about: well balanced, containing basics with good quality and just five pieces each season to add as a staple (remember my first staple?). Maybe you can visit the blog of these ladies to get a clearer vision about the whole concept: Dead Fleurette (the Queen of this style if you ask me),Vanilla Scented (minimalism to the max!) or the Dutch ladies from Heart in a Cage and Trois Douze.

And the benefits of this way of thinking already start to show: I discovered some pieces in my closet I only wore once, but which I really like (just like this jumper I’m wearing in this post). I also found an old ring, that really suits my taste as it is now ánd re-discovered my brown workerboots (which I also have in black), a very nice substitute for the high heels I’ve been wearing lately. Besides that, I also found a whole lot of clothes that I’ll get rid off right away.

Camel Coat – H&M Trend

Jumper – Bershka

Workerboots – River Island

Bag – Zara

Sunnies – Rayban (Clubmaster)

Jewellery – random

14 thoughts on “OUTFIT: WORKER BOOTS

  1. Like this photo shoot! Like you are in the country side!! Is it sunny in Holland?
    Here in Monaco, its two days it doesn’t stop to rain!! Difficult to make a new post with a look!! xx

  2. Ik vind de 5 piece wardrobe plan echt geniaal, en zou voor mij ook zeker niet verkeerd zijn, alleen ik ben echt een impuls shopper! Dus gaat zeker wat discipline vergen!
    Ik vind je jas echt heel mooi, echt een goede combinatie met de stoere boots erbij. En wat een prachtige ring!

    xx Michele

  3. Ik wou net zeggen wat hierboven gezegd is… je lijkt op Chloe Sevigny hier!! Leuk!!
    Foto van je haar uit de vorige post is ook mooi men!! Ziet er zo lekker gezond uit je haar, ik kan m’n extensions al wel kakken =$

    Haha idd, de schoenen zijn niet mijn ding, maar vind het hartje wel heel leuk moet ik zeggen. Ik heb ze in het zwart gekregen, best voor m’n werk en anders misschien een vriendin =) Ja haha zeker een veel betere goodiebag dan AIFW!! Ik heb daar nl. niets gekregen muahaha!
    Het was wel leuk, jammer dat jij en de rest er niet waren though!! Was ook best snel weg… x

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