I guess the time has come that I can really say I’m over with the excessive shopping-behaviour I kept on doing for over a couple of years now. I won’t say I’ll quit shopping or abandon my passion for clothing and fashion, but I think I can really say I’m feel a huge urge to create a decent, clean and balanced wardrobe. This is why I’m going to have this tremendous closet-clean-out soon, sell all the redundant pieces of garment I own, give it to friends or charity and start to build up a whole new, well-balanced wardrobe. I know this doesn’t sound like a very new idea and it isn’t that innovative either, but I guess it will work for me. You might have read about the 5-piece-French-wardrobe I wrote about a few posts ago. Since then I’ve been receiving some e-mails with questions about ‘how this principle really works’. I can only give the uncomplicated answer: I don’t know. It’s not that I discovered, nor created the 5-piece-principle, it’s just a generally known initial concept about how te create the wardrobe I was talking about: well balanced, containing basics with good quality and just five pieces each season to add as a staple (remember my first staple?). Maybe you can visit the blog of these ladies to get a clearer vision about the whole concept: Dead Fleurette (the Queen of this style if you ask me),Vanilla Scented (minimalism to the max!) or the Dutch ladies from Heart in a Cage and Trois Douze.

And the benefits of this way of thinking already start to show: I discovered some pieces in my closet I only wore once, but which I really like (just like this jumper I’m wearing in this post). I also found an old ring, that really suits my taste as it is now ánd re-discovered my brown workerboots (which I also have in black), a very nice substitute for the high heels I’ve been wearing lately. Besides that, I also found a whole lot of clothes that I’ll get rid off right away.

Camel Coat – H&M Trend

Jumper – Bershka

Workerboots – River Island

Bag – Zara

Sunnies – Rayban (Clubmaster)

Jewellery – random

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