Stairways have been the subject of poems for centuries, some mystic, others mundane. Titles include ‘The Winding Stair’ by William Butler Yeats (which is actually a collection of verses). The author’s winding stair symbolizes the twisting and turning path of life upon which the verses of experience gather. ‘Stairway to Heaven’ may be found at the other end of a literary continuum, one hosting a popular and well-known rock song. Anyway, me awkwardly displaying my outfit on a stairway in the middle of Amsterdam has nothing to do with poetry or rocklyrics, they just seemed inviting, lol.


Blazer – H&M Trend

Blouse – H&M Trend

Jeans – Levi’s

Shoes – Nelly.com

Scarf – Bershka

Watch – Michael Kors

26 thoughts on “OUTFIT: STAIRWAY

  1. Hihi leuke tekst meis :) Mooie blazer en kleurt super samen met de sjaal! De schoenen blijven beauties!! <3

    Veel liefs, Daf

    Ps de acne's lopen heeeeerlijk!! Had't niet verwacht, maar kan er de hele dag op rond wandelen (winkelen :P) hihi.. X

  2. Hele mooie foto’s Debbie!
    Die schoenen van Nelly he, vallen ze gewoon je normale maat? Want ik heb andere op het oog die ik wil hebben.
    x Lisa

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