Ph. me, 1st pic stolen by Christian

Last week Verso Fashion, Fashion Club 70 and D.A.T.E. sneakers arranged their pressdays in Antwerp and I was there! First, I have to say that they really did a great job in arranging these two days full of fashion and fun! After kicking off with a delicious dinner and a sneak peek at the new collections, D.A.T.E. showed us how to throw a party. I just made a selection of some pictures I took, mostly detailtshots, because they usually captivate me the most.

What are you looking at??

1. Me, Yvette and Chloe. 2. Huge cupcakes. 3,4,5,6&9. Some detailshots. 7&8. Philip Plein menswear.. loved the shoes so much!

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