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Thank God, this huge faux fur arrived on time, because by the time you read this, I’m on my way to Austria for a week full of snow, snowboarding and fun with friends! So this warm furry vest can come in quite handy ;) I don’t have a clue if I will be able to update the blog or even have internetaccess in the mountains of Mayrhofen, so I already scheduled some posts for the upcoming week. See you soon!


Faux fur – Zara (old, ebay)

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  1. love faux furs!!nice picture girl:)

    my wish to you on
    Patchwork à Porter

  2. super mooie foto! dat faux fur vest ziet er echt heel gaaf uit!


  3. Enjoy babe! You’re going to have a blast (I know how much you love snowboarding with stilettos :P)
    Dikke kus!

  4. Great pics! Your photograph takes great pics! Have fun, girl!)

  5. Veel plezier !! xx

  6. Leuk meis!
    Heeeeeeul veeeeel plezier in de sneeuw, geen ledematen breken en een hele fijne kerst!
    X, Lucy

  7. Leuke foto!! Fijne kerst meid xx

  8. leuk dat die op tijd binnen is!! Have fun in the snow
    Travel in Style

  9. I’ve got the same, nice shot!

    Merry xmas darling!


  10. I think your blog is adorable and your photos are beautiful. I’m in love, totally!!
    Merry Christmas, you got yourself a new follower!!


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