OUTFIT: 250112

Ph. Lucy

After visiting the Modefabriek I wrote about yesterday we took the opportunity to take some outfitshots outside the building. Looks like we took the windiest area we could possibly find, but hey.. at least some shots. I think they turned out pretty well :) And yes, I’m wearing those sneakers again, can’t stop wearing them.. For some extra coziness (damn, it’s getting colder outside!) I added this huge navyblue scarf I got from ‘Brrr‘, a cool Dutch winterwear-brand! They sell huge scarfs and cute beanies in a lot of different colours.. just the basics we need during wintertime. I’m a fan!


Coat – H&M

Jeans – H&M Divided

Denimblouse – Zara

Shoes – Isabel Marant

Scarf – Brrr

24 thoughts on “OUTFIT: 250112

  1. Oh babe! Looking stunning here!!
    I really want NEED those trainers, but I would need your long legs to don’t look like a bag of potatoes :p

    LA xx

  2. Vind plaatjes van die sneakers tegen kom op blogs vind ik het stiekem niets.
    Maar ze staan jou echt fantastisch!
    Alsof ze voor je gemaakt zijn..
    Wat heb je trouwens een mooie armband om die grijze met die zilveren knoppen, echt super!

  3. thank you so much for your coment. yes, my grandfa for me was….i have no owrds. he was the best.
    i am a new follower of your blog i really appreciate your style.
    hope you like my blog too
    and want to folow


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