OUTFIT: 200112

Ph. Shirley Visser

What to do when the rain is pooring down, you’re still not feeling well ánd you have a presentation about shoes to attend..? Well, you just drag your lazy ass from the couch, put together a comfortable outfit (a boring one, so nobody will notice you’re around) and go for it. And that is exactly what I did.


Blazer – H&M Trend

Jeans – Monki

Boots – Zara

Bag – H&M Trend

Scarf – Zara

21 thoughts on “OUTFIT: 200112

  1. Joepie! Ik mag me gelukkig prijzen met jou als dochter: Ik kreeg van jou dezelfde sjaal! Oh Mooi! Dankjewel Debbie, ;-)

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