OUTFIT: 110212

Ph. Lennart Groot

Even though I’m not a very colourful person when it comes to fashion (at least no bright colours) I thought it was time to take out this (very bright) pink jumper out of the closet for once. I love its contrast with the black and that fact that it complements my white hair. And at least it keeps me warm. Strange fact about the boots is that, even though I réally like them (I mean.. they’re black leather, comfortable, have a cool zipper at the back..) I tend to forget these beauties time and time again. But since they have a quite heavy profiled sole, I think they’re ready for a comeback as long as the sidewalks are slippery and snowy.. I really can’t wait to start building up my spring/summer wardrobe, especially ever since I started making wishlists for the warmer season to come. Do you have any wishes for spring already? Share them! :)


Coat – Zara

Jumper – Zara

Loose wool pants – Zara

Wedge boots – Minimarket

Clutch – Frenchonista (Debbie)

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