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Those who follow me on Twitter, might have found out that I, since a few weeks, started running. I received some questions through e-mail what kind of clothes I wear and what shoes I use while running. I have to admit: as much as I love fashion, I couldn’t care less about my looks when I workout. I go kickboxing in my bf’s large tee, and used to go running in some sloppy old pants and my bf’s hoodie. Till last week, when I experience some serious Nike Free running ;)

When SKECHERS contacted me about doing a review on their SKECHERS GORun runningshoes I immediately thought of the Skechers we used to wear in primary school; the ones with the big-ass soles.. But the new Skechers really surprised me! I think, for running shoes, these are quite elegant! These shoes are designed to give the runner a more natural experience and allows me to go running on practically any kind of surface (which is kinda cool, since I live in a city, but love to go running in the dunes at my bf’s place too!). I already tried them and they really feel like walking on bare feet. Quite an experience, altough I have to admit I really need to get used to this type of running.

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