OUTFIT: 200412

Ph. Lennart Groot

A relaxed weekend with the bf, and I enjoyed it to the max. After a hectic week full of press-agencies and studying I love to come to this place. Wearing a simple ensemble matched my mood for that day: comfort above all while sipping coffees at different beachpavilions! Btw, I’m wearing my Levi’s curve ID jeans I already showed here. Got some questions about what curve I am: I am a demi curve. This curve doesn’t say anything about being skinny or being fuller figured, but it says something about the proportions of your body, measured by the difference between the circumference of your hips and waist. My Ash boots came in quite handy during a walk through the dunes.. Can’t seem to take them off anymore!


Top – H&M Divided

Jeans – Levi’s Curve ID

Boots – Ash via Spartooschoenen

Sunnies – Mango

Clutch – Frenchonista

33 thoughts on “OUTFIT: 200412

  1. WAUW! Echt prachtige foto’s meid, niet normaal! Geef Lennart maar een extra schouderklopje van mij ;) great job! Verder was ik erg benieuwd hoe je je laarsjes ging combineren, en you did it perfect girl! Lekker clean maar ook stoer!

  2. hele mooie outfit, die schoenen zijn echt fantastisch!

    ik heb een vraagje over je leopold broek van newlook, hoe valt deze, kun je gewoon je eigen maat nemen?

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