OUTFIT: 260512

Ph. Lennart Groot


Yup, I know I look a bit tired at most of these pictures.. because truth is: I was tired. LOL. Had a great an relaxed few days at the island with my man though, so I’m not complaining at all. Bought this jacket a couple of weeks ago and considered returning it because it’s a bit too big (I know it’s supposed to be oversized, but it made me feel huge, not really what I wanted to accomplish ;)).. But since I haven’t been able to find it in the right size and I really really wanted this jacket, I decided to keep it. Paired it with a simple outfit containing my new Levi’s Curve ID skinnyjeans (not that bleached in real! Weird..) and a grey tee. Like?

Jacket – H&M Trend

Skinnyjeans – Levi’s Curve ID

Boots – Acne

Bag – Su-shi

Necklace – Zara

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