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I like to introduce a new section on my blog: in Blogcrush I’d like to show you guys my current crushes when it comes to other bloggers. Doesn’t mean no one ever heard of them, doesn’t mean I’m implying I’m only bringing undiscovered gems up for the world to see.. dóes mean that maybe I will. The bloggers I will be showing in this section are the ones I really really appreciate because of their amazing sense of style. First on in the row: A Portable Package.

Irina, founder of the blog, in my opinion has this cool-femine style we’re all longing for. Effortless, but well put together. With great basics and even greater statement-pieces. Can’t get enough of her blog, (I recently ‘discovered’ it and couldn’t stop scrolling.. and scrolling.. and scr..).

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  1. Wow zeker een hele leuke stijl! X

  2. Oo loving her style!! I can see why this stylish and chic lady would be a blogcrush of yours! :)

    Take care, Daniella xox

  3. Die eerste look is zo heerlijk! Dan heb je wel zin in wat koudere dagen haha!

  4. Toevallig heb ik haar blog een paar dagen geleden bekeken en bleef maar kijken ;)!

  5. Leuke nieuwe categorie!

    Haar blog is inderdaad erg leuk!



  6. I know, isn’t she great! Love her style!
    – Aliya:)

  7. Super inspirational

  8. Jaaa ik vind haar blog ook super! Had er ook al een post over :)

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