OUTFIT: 191012

Ph. Lennart Groot

This is one of the outfits I’d love to wear on a daily basis. A comfy tee on top of a trackpant-shaped pair of trousers. I’ve always been fond of the combination of sneakers and cropped formal trousers, so that is exactly what I liked about this outfit. Added my good old camel coat I got a few years ago, my beanie to cover my bad hairday (yep, I have them! ;)) and the Afterdrk x Maison de Bonneterie bracelet I’ve been wearing from the moment I got it.

Coat – H&M Trend

T-shirtPieces via Sans Online

Trousers – Zara 

Sneakers – Nike Free 3+

Bag – Cowboysbag

Bracelet – Afterdrk x Maison de Bonneterie

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