Oh-my-Goodness! That was a whole lot of work to sort out all the outfits I did over the past twelve months.. but it certainly was a fun thing to do :) Funny to see how my style – again, I say this every year – evolved and came to the point were I am now: kind of satisfied. Ofcourse some of them I like more than others, but I think even making ‘fashion-mistakes’ is part of the fun! Can you tell me what outfits are your faves? I feel like the more I don’t force things (as in: the more comfy I feel in my outfits) the more it shows on my pics, and so most of the time these are my favourites.. curious to hear your opinions!

I’ll leave you with a little shout-out for all of you: you guys, wether this is the first time you visit my blog, or wether you’re following me from the very first post.. this blogging-experience wouldn’t have been the way it is now without you: so thanks a lot, I really appreciate you guys being around. xoxo

23 thoughts on “SFFTE’S OVERVIEW 2012

  1. Larissa says:

    Aah heel fijn! Ik ga deze overview zeker vaker nog eens terug bekijken omdat je echt dit jaar 1 van mijn favo bloggers bent geworden! Ik vind jou en je stijl helemaal heerlijk dus volgend jaar ben ik sowieso weer een trouwe volger:) fijne nieuwjaarswisseling en alvast een gelukkig nieuwjaar!!

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