OUTFIT: 140113

Ph. Lennart Groot

The benefits of taking outfitshots in winter is the sun hanging quite low, perfect lighting, and the possibility of using just a simple open spot in the forest as a photolocation. I spend some days at the island with my love and friends again, it has been a while! Since the bf moved in with me last month, I think we won’t be spending a lot of time at the island anymore. Such a shame, but at least we’re living together now <3.. Enough reveries, back to my outfit: quite a simple one, wearing a chunky knit (which is extremely warm!), loose trousers and some leather ankle boots. I really like to top plain outfits off with a hat or beanie. Anything on my head will do ;). Have a nice day!

Jumper – H&M Trend

Loose trousers – Mango

Ankle boots – H&M x MMM

Watch – Michael Kors

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