interior white sffte


interior white sffte


interior white sffte


interior white sffte


interior white sffte


interior white sffte
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Even though it has been a few months since we moved in to our new apartment, I feel like it will never ever going to be finished. I mean really finished. Good thing is that I had the time to start developing a certain personal style, so now I have come to this point where I can say I truly like and dislike in my home instead of getting lost is this huge overload of styles I thought I liked. Pics above pretty much sum up my style when it comes to interior: lots of whites, dashes of colour, rough materials all mixed up with minimalistic shapes.. Can’t wait to finish our house and make it a home.


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  1. Aaaah geweldig, super mooi allemaal!! Die bontkleedjes in die stoeltjes, echt zo gaaf!

  2. Such lovely interior inspiration my dear, I wish my home looked like some of these pictures. I especially Love that first picture! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  3. Wat een fijne inspiratie! :) xx

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