OUTFIT: 300312

outfit all black nike free mango coat beanie rayban
outfit all black nike free mango coat beanie rayban
outfit all black nike free mango coat beanie rayban

outfit all black nike free mango coat beanie rayban
Ph. Shirley


And BOOM! Today this shocking experience really kicked in: the day after tomorrow it’s freaking April already! A-P-R-I-L! Can you believe it? Besides the shockingly cold weather for this time of the year (which we’ve spoken enough too much about already in my honest opinion) it feels like yesterday we celebrated Christmas and lighted fireworks at NYE.. It feels like yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday (which was in November, for your interest..) and it feels like yesterday I moved in with the love of my life.. in September that is. Not to be all nostalgic and stuff, but I really think time’s passing by so fast..! Back to the outfit: I can be short on this one: all black beanies, sunnies and my new – but already beloved – familymembers: my superdupercool green Nike Free 3.0’s. After wearing my black ones A LOT, I was so happy to find these new Free’s as accompany and give the old ones some rest ;) Most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned, would really recommend them to anyone.


Coat – Mango
Sweater – H&M Men’s department
Jeans – Mango
Shoes – Nike Free via Spartoo Schoenen
Sunglasses – Ray Ban


16 thoughts on “OUTFIT: 300312

  1. BOOM, overmorgen pas toch?
    Ik hou van je outfit, supercool je sneakers en dat ze stiekem matchen met je bril, love ittt <3
    fijn weekend schattie!

    En voor de rest ben ik ‘t vooral wat ‘t weer betreft helemaal met je eens. Om jou even te quoten ‘SCHNEE!’ HAHAHA. Van mij mag die schnee wel plaatsmaken voor heeeeel veel zon. En de tijd gaat inderdaad ook heel snel!

    Fijne Pasen, Deb!


  3. Time really does pass by way to quickly, can’t believe it’s almost April! You look awesome sweetie, those sneakers are so cool and I’m sure super comfy and I love how you styled them with the classic style coat. :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

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