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Had the weirdest week this time.. Wanted to do so many things, but ended up in bed for a few days – foodpoisoning – and haven’t been that productive at all. But hey, at least I did attend a Nike Training Class (aren’t these shoes the flashiest trainingshoes ever?), rediscovered my good old saggy baggy jeans and wore them totally sk8erboy-ish with Vans and enjoyed the September edition of the Dutch Vogue (lóve Doutzen on the cover!). Besides that, I finally got the chance to wear my new leather jacket, found an awesome skirt/skort (ugly word) on sale and discovere this cheapie nailpolish (for the Dutchies: Hema!) which reminded me of the Chanel version (that lasts no longer than a fee hours on my nails. Such a shame..). Tell me about your week!

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  1. Great pics, love you to bits!
    Mafalda ❤

  2. Wat een goeie find, die nagelak! Ik vind altijd dat jouw instafoto’s zo’n fijn en goed bij elkaar passend sfeertje hebben…


  3. Prachtige kleur nagellak en sowieso hele leuke foto’s. Wel een beetje jammer van de voedselvergiftiging. Ik hoop dat je inmiddels weer bent opgeknapt! xx

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