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From the moment I started running with the Nike Running club, formerly know as We Run Ams, now know as Ams Runners (what’s in a name?), and started sharing my love for sports online on Instagram I started receiving questions about how many times a week I run, what shoes I wear, where I get my runninggear, how I stay motivated.. oh well, I received questions about pretty much everything sportsrelated. First of all, I want to make very clear that I, by all means, am not an expert. I run for fun (and even joined the GirlsLove2Run crew, awesome!). I’ve practised many, many sports in my life, and I’m interested in a broad range of sportrelated topics, but again: I won’t pretend I’m an expert or whatsoever. 

That being said, I can come to the maingoal of this article: answer one of the questions I got (several times!): “What runningshoes do you wear?” If you had asked me this very same question a few weeks ago, I would have told you my very favourite shoes would probably be the Nike Air Lunarglide 4’s. And I still think it’s a perfect pair of shoes, more cushioning than Nike Free’s have (my ankles are very weak) and more support around the ankles. But: I reviewed these awesome Nike Air Pegasus 30 Shield running shoes this week, and I can’t seem to take them off!


What do they promise? “The Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 Flash Trainer continues a legendary tradition with an updated breathable upper and super-responsive cushioning. Water resistance, reflectivity and a fleece collar make it ideal for running in wet, dark, cold conditions.”


What do I think? This shoe absolutely is everything I wished for. I won’t go through all medical details, but I have had lots and lots of injuries on my ankles in the past, so it’s very important for me to find  the right shoe. From the moment I started running on these, I felt the difference between these and any other shoes I ever ran on, because the cushioning of the shoe is so soft and thick, it almost felt like I was bouncing down the cobbled streets of Amsterdam ;) Such a soft landing! Even when running downhill (or should I say: downbridge?) I didn’t feel those aweful slaps in my ankles I usually I do feel (does that sound bad? Yes it does..). SCORE! And what about that shield? Heaven! One of the downsides of running in fall or winter to me is the cold. I’m not afraid of it and I defenitely am prepared for colder days clothing-wise.. but damn! Cold feet can hurt! Solved this problem with these shoes as well: the shield truly protects your socks from getting wet by rain or snow and warms your feet like your running on Uggs (don’t try that, really..). I’m hooked. Get them here.


In the future I’m going to post more sports-related articles in SFFTE. I want to make very clear that my blog will remain a personal fashionblog, so written from my personal view, but since running is something I’m very passionate about and has become a huge part of my life, I’d love to answer you questions and add a little sporty vibe to the blog too. Hope you like it :) Requests? Questions? Don’t hesitate, ask them in the commentsection below.

Ph. me (not a fan of using flash, but this pic is taken in pitchblack darkness, because I wanted to show you guys the flashy shield of the shoe ;)).

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