There used to be a time where all we – sporty women – could ran into when shopping for sportswear, was pink. Pink and flowers. As you might know by now, I’m not that much of the girly-girly-pink-and-floral-patterns-loving type. In both daily wear as in sportwear I love my outfit to have a little edge. Thank God (or maybe: thank Stella McCartney, she was the one who really put fashionable sportsgear on the map by collaborating with adidas a few years ago and never stopped doing so), this time has passed.

Wehkamp sportswear collage

Several fashionbrands these days come up with fashionable sportswear (which can be worn on a daily basis as well if you ask me), or the other way round: fashionbrands creating a sportcollection, for all the fashionloving sporty ladies out there (read: you?). Nothing new I guess, but what you might not have noticed before: fullfills all our sporty dreams by providing a very broad range of sports-related products. From runningshoes till yogapants: they have it. Sportbrands like Nike (my personal fave!) or adidas displaying their fashionable sportwear? It’s there. Fashionbrands like ESPRIT (total surprise, I have to admit) offering their sporty fashionpieces? All present!


So, to all the ladies who want to start this year in an active and fashionable way, who want to look and feel good in daily life as wel as in the gym: head over to You can find an entire page with my favourites (how cool is that?) or start shopping for your own. Enjoy!






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