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More than twenty years of my life I’ve had long – very long – hair. For me, not being the most girly girl out there, the long hair felt like one of the few connections I had with ‘true femininity’, whatever that may mean. As much as shorter locks appealed to me, I never really considered chopping mine, since alongside with chopping my hair, it felt like I would have chopped away all the femininity that was left. Oh boy, was I wrong.


A few years ago the feeling of cutting some inches grew on me and I decided to go for it. Best decision ever. I’ve never felt more womanly, even though I know the amount of femininity should not be defined by the amount of hair on your head: to me, this came as a total surprise. After sporting a sort of longer bob for a few years now, I tried to let my hair grow back to a really longer length but last week I decided the long locks had to go. They didn’t feel like me anymore.


That was the exact same moment Tigi-superbabe Robin came in and contacted me about the Tigi haircare brand. I’ve been a Tigi-fan from the moment I first used some of their products (something from their ‘Bedhead’ line I guess) and we decided to team up and find me a cut and colour that really felt natural to me. It was the cut and colour I’ve been wearing for the past few years. Never change a winning team, right? So back to my shoulderlength bob and pearly-blonde hair it is! Couldn’t be more happy (even total strangers on the street ask me questions about my haircolour, so funny!). Thank you Robin, for hooking me up, and thank you Jean-Paul & Rien from Vollebergh Kappers, for making me feel whole again.


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