First post of the year! A slightly personal one, because I’ve come to the conclusion that is what I’d like to do a little bit more on my blog. For several years now I’ve been posting my outfits and other fashionrelated stuff on my own little space on the internet. And as much as I like doing that, I’m more than that. I’m a girl who – besides fashion – loves to live. Loves to exercise. Loves to listen to music. Loves photography, art, literature. Loves so much more than portrayed on the blog. And: I love to write. So I’d love things to become a little bit more personal, and not just let the superficial part of me highlight my website.


There are times in our lives when it looks like everything that can go wrong, actually goes wrong. Those are the times that, despite our very best efforts, tragedy strikes.  On the other side, there – thank God! – are times when everything just goes perfectly right. Both moods reflect how the last year have been for me. I’ve learned that periods of darkness can overcome us at any time. That it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, as much as we want it to. Rainbows are an illusion anyway. Refracted light that makes us think there is something.. but it’s really not. On a more optimistic note: I’ve also found that I’m capable of enduring these darker times. To overcome, and in the progress: grow stronger. Get better. End up smarter. So in the end: all is well in my own little corner of the world. New things are happening, both in my personal life as wel as work-related.


I started this post with the idea of stating this year’s resolutions, but in the meanwhile I decided to skip that part and kickstart this year with nothing more than the words I’ve written above and some of the outfits you guys – according to my statistics – liked best. Any faves?
















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