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Yesterday I visited the H&M showroom to have a peek at the new and improved sportscollection our Scandinavian friends launched this week. As a sportslover, I tend to grab to alltime favourite sportsbrand: Nike. But let’s be honest: there’s so much more to explore! The time has gone that womens’ sportswear is all pink (trust me, I’ve been on the hunt for cool sportsclothing for years, but only the last few years some serious progress is made in this case!) or just boring. H&M did a great job in creating a collection full of very smart pieces in the most amazing fabrics. With smart I mean that they really took a women’s body in mind while creating their pieces. Tops and jackets with slightly longer lengths (who wants to feel like she’s running with her behind too exposed? Oh right, no one..), cool graphic prints (not every woman loves flowers, polkadots or butterflies), and all that for a very affordable price (score!).
Besides the regular sportscollection, H&M also got the chance to design the outfits for the Swedish Olympic team (how cool!), so stay tuned for bold yellow-and-blue prints that will hit the stores next week in the so called Go Gold collection (truly amazing, I can tell you). Needless to say I’m pretty enthusiastic? Any faves? I took the teal/green-ish tights home with me, so I home I’ll be able to give a little review of them later on. Stay tuned!


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