The Ultimate Wardrobe. Does that even exist? This article is all about the fact that a while ago I reorganized my walk in closet. In fact, my closet is an entire room, filled with nothing more than clothes and shoes. And a few bags, but I just don’t love bags as much as I love shoes (and coats.. and leather jackets..). After reorganizing everything – which took me two days! – I was pretty satisfied. Proud, even. My inner-neurotic even made sure everything was sorted by colour and hanging on its own hanger. Awesome.


After a while (read: two days) this feeling came up that I really wanted to get rid of more clothes. To slowly, but certainly, end up with this perfect wardrobe, or as close as I can get. A couple of years ago I was a firm believer of the whole 5 piece French Wardrobe concept, and even managed to restrict myself to buying no more than 5 pieces every season (‘fashion-season that is, so S/S and F/W, 10 pieces a year). I had a perfect – well, at least to me – basic wardrobe, and added some more on trend pieces every now and then. It was the same time that I bought my beloved Pistol boots, my first designer bag, my best and softest leather jacket.. And still, I wear them all. I think I can say 2011 was a good year, wardrobe-wise ;)


Oh well, after that year I pretty much stuck to the concept of building a perfect basic wardrobe, full of pieces I can easily combine with each other, and added some pieces for the sake of fashion. An attempt to make my looks more interesting. Never my best buys though, and besides that: who is it I want to look more interesting to? I like love to dress in a more minimalistic way, those who are more of a exotic-bird-watching-type probably don’t bother heading over to my blog anyway ;) But still I don’t think it’s a bad thing to reconsider and reflect on your personal style and what it is you want to exude.


Collage Ultimate Wardrobe
So here I am! Trying to get my mojo on! The mojo that is critic on her own shoppingbehaviour (I don’t buy that much, but still, as I said: it’s always a good thing to reconsider), on what goes into the closet and what can get out. As you can see, I created a collage with all the things that – to me – are essentials in my wardrobe. Of course, this is something that can be different for everyone. These are my essentials. Pieces I can combine till the end of days. I’m curious: do these items resemble the pieces that are considered essentials to you? Would you add anything? Tell me! All the items above can be found at Of course, where else? I already told you before that is doing a pretty good job lately, they literally have everything you’re looking for in different price-ranges as well. Want to be sure your wardrobe is ready for spring to come? Or just want to add some musthaves? Check out the page created together with SFFTE, and get ready!

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