Oh well, what can I say. Did I really just start this post with this goofy picture? Yes I did. Why? This picture literally captures all I felt this week in one single frame: freezing cold, but fun nevertheless (oh and yes, I can be a bit dorky sometimes and fool around like an idiot, sorry Lucy and Joyce, my travelmates, but thanks for coping with my impaired state of mind, haha lol!). In this post I’ll give you guys an overview of what my week in Copenhagen looked like, since I took so many pictures (I could make 5 posts out of them, don’t worry, I’m not gonna spam you) and because I guess you guys might like to see what this hectic and lovely week was all about.

First of all, I stayed in this awesome hotel near Central Station in Vesterbro, one of my favourite areas in the whole city. Perfect location, great service, sweet hotel staff.. everything just fine, I’d really recommend this one if you’ll every go to Copenhagen. So thank you Andersen Hotel, for having us. And thanks Bloggernet for making it possible :)

In the short period of time I had in Copenhagen (four days like a lot, but really isn’t), I actually visited quite a lot of shows. Pics above were taken at the Wood Wood show (1st pic out of three) and the other two at the Ann Sophie Madsen show. Wood Wood showed this very wearable and streetsmart collection. Cool jackets, awesome sweats, loved it. Ann Sophie Madsen on the other hand, showed us lots of fur (hope it was faux? Didn’t look like it..), leather, futuristic helmets and workerboots. Not so wearable in daily live, but still an awesome show to watch. The fact that it took place in a freezingcold parkinglot (poor models!) even added up to the whole industrial atmosphere.


Lucy (she took the three pics above) and I paid a visit to the Baum und Pferdgarten showroom and were completely overwhelmed by the kindness we were welcomed with (ok, and that wonderful lightcoloured coat – that had my name written all over it – made me almost faint as well). I already loved the collection on the runway (we visited their show as well), but it was even better to be able too feel and see the pieces from up close.


I really loved the loose ponytails at the Bruuns Bazaar show. I’ve always been a fan of not too polished hair, but this version, at least to me, was the perfect merge between messy hair and a polished finish. Guess I will never be able to accomplish it myself, so I’m glad at least I’ve got this picture to drool over. Talking about drooling: I visited the By Malene Birger show (wonderful collection, I even liked the sequins that were coming back on several pieces! I say ‘even’, since usually I’m not the biggest sequin-lover out there.. ) and was blown away (literally, I could feel the loud bass of the music pounding on my chest). Especially by the coats, they were amazing, and I could literally see myself wearing all of them. After the show I got the opportunity to go backstage but to be honest: it was pretty crowded out there, so I decided to have a quick peek at the collection and head back to my hotel. Exhausted after a busy day full of shows and meetings.


What is it with the Danish and making the most amazing coats ever? Even though I never thought I’d opt for pink (guess what, I already did!), I really liked this bubblegum pink friend by Ganni. Ganni decided to show their collection in Davids Samling Museum, such an awesome and original idea! I loved walking around the museum and have to opportunity to take a closer look at the models and their most amazing pieces.


Copenhagen, once again, you were amazing! Even though I cursed the cutting, freezing wind quite often, and even though I prefer walking around this city bare legged (like Lucy and I did last summer) instead of bundling up to prepare ourselves for the snow, Copenhagen would not have felt the same without it.


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  1. Woooaaah vind die leren items van Ann Sophie Madsen echt awesome! En die eerste foto is echt leuk, cutie!



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  2. Dominique says:

    love it ! Great

    new post up,

  3. Inderdaad: dat leren jasje!!!! Perfect! En de rest van je reis klinkt ook super, eerste foto geeft wel een indurk ;)

  4. Eerste foto! <3

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  5. Wat een waanzinnige foto’s allemaal en die leren jas bij Wood Wood. wauw! xx

  6. Wat een mooie fotos!
    Liefs Nora /

  7. These pictures are simply incredible. Love your coat by the way, seems quite familiar haha. It’s so comfy isn’t?
    Hope you enjoyed Copenhagen.

  8. Die eerste foto is super leuk! :D Klinkt als een super ervaring, wel heel hectisch… Lijkt me wel dat het hier in Nederland nu weer heerlijk ‘warm’ aanvoelt in vergelijking met Kopenhagen? :p

    xxx Saranda

    1. Haha ik moet zeggen dat je idd verrassend snel went aan die temperaturen daar en dan terug in NL voelt alles heerlijk warm ;)


  9. Love the 1st photo babe! You cutie


  10. Die eerste foto is echt leuk!

    En die items van Ann Sophie Madsen zijn echt geweldig, vooral het leren jasje!

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