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Sundays, I love them. Not because of the fact that you can spend them being lazy, because well.. I’m not lazy. Here’s a small overview of what I’ve been up to this week. One of the highlights was the crewrun runbuddies Claartje, Jessica and I organized for the GirlsLove2Run-crew in cooperation with ModelWorkout. Theme? Food and Fashion! We trained our asses off in our most fashionable runningoutfits (we even had our own stylecontest.. Lovely Jenny won, her awesome colourful tights rocked!) and had some healthy snacks and drinks afterwards. I so so só love being part of this crew with all sweet and likeminded ladies.. you rock, girls! Anyway, thank you ComeGetFashion, for providing us with those awesome coloured beanies (go get yours here). Besides running and spending time in the gym I ran around the city in between appointments like crazy! So glad I have this thing for sneakers.. couldn’t have done this on heels haha. Talking about sneakers.. I wouldn’t mind adding those blue Celine babies to the collection, defenitely going to add an extra pair of slipons for spring. Can’t wait. That’s why I added a brighter pop of colour to my outfit by using bright red nailpolish ;) Oh well, that’s pretty much it for now, since – you can guess – I gotta hurry. Duty (work) calls! Have a nice Sunday!


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