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Time for a new Instagram-diary! This week has been crazy-busy, but at least I managed to squeeze in some good-eyeliner-days (ofcourse I had to capture these moment with the obligatory selfies ;)), snapped some #fromwhereistands, enjoyed my new white kicks to the fullest, started wearing heels a little bit more often (these are quite comfortable.. looks like I have to get used to wearing heels again!), had lunch with Zalando x Eleonora Carisi and found the runningtights I was looking for (but turned out to be sold out very quickly..) on sale. Oh well. What about your week? Getting ready for the weekend yet? I am! My boyfriend is coming back from his snowboarding-trip (so jealous..), and I missed him even more than I anticipated on.. But first things first: off to work! Have a nice day!


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