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The past few weeks I’ve been receiving a surprisingly large amount of questions about my beauty-routine. This is surprising to me, since I am – by all means – no beauty expert. Throughout the years I’ve created this signature look I guess – the one with a winged eyeliner and a dash of mascara – and it just doesn’t bore me.  But since the questions kept on coming, I  thought at least it would be nice to share what products I use (not that many, right?).


For my hair most of the time I don’t use any products. I want my hair to look natural and love the way it is. A quick brush in the morning (or sometimes I even forget that..) and that’s it. On days my hair looks and feels like it could use a little extra, I use Seasalt Spray for a more messy look or a hairpowder (the one above is my fave) to just add some extra texture. Make-up wise I only use my eyeliner (most of the times I use an eyelinerpen with a sharp point, sometimes I switch to a liquid liner or gel liner. Sometimes I curl my lashes with any random lashcurler and put on a dash of mascara. My friends think it’s weird I only use 2 mascara in an entire year, but since I don’t use that much, I think that is acceptable, right?


I brush my teeth – twice a day, like mommy told me to – with my new favourite toothpaste. The one that – besides cleansing and protecting your set of teeth – promises to give you an instant white smile after using it once.. and it really does! Don’t expect Hollywood (read: photoshop) miracles, but this toothpaste really gives the illusion of whiter teeth, without blowing it out of proportions. And ofcourse the fact that it’s blue (as in: really, réally blue!) made me laugh using it for the first time.. ;) Love it, obviously. It’s the Prodent White Now Triple Power Gold (now, that’s a mouth full!).


And last but not least: I top things off with my favourite perfume. I actually own a lot of fragrances, but this one is my current fave. From the men’s department.


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