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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been on the hunt for a new black bag. Not just any black bag, but the one that’s perfect for my daily use (in a formal and casual way), but still looks a bit fancy as well.. So it has to be quite roomy, should be basic but not boring, has to go with all of my outfits, has to be made out of real leather, should have some cool details that don’t stand out too much.. Quite a list, so I guess that’s exactly why it took me so long to actually find it. Until a few weeks ago. Until I came across this black beauty. Until my heart skipped a beat. Okay, I like to exaggerate things a little bit, but I certainly knew this was going to be my new best friend. Thank you for making the coolest bags in town, Mr. Wang. And yes, we’re inseperable already. What do you think?


Black leather bag – Alexander Wang Prisma Tote


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