Festivalseason is coming! Have you been sorting out which festivals you want to attend? (I haven’t..). Thought about what to wear? I have to admit, the whole hippie-hippie-festivallook we saw the last few years is not entirely my thing. No to floral prints for me, no to coloured braids in my hair and hell no to girly dresses, not even during festival season (what is it with that phenomena that people feel the urge to dress completely different when they’re attending a festival anyway?). My look won’t be very different from what I usually wear on hot summer days: denim shorts, oversized tees or shirts, sneakers or flat boots. You know what I mean. If not: take a look at this collage, made out of what I think are the coolest items from the H&M Divided collection. I would definitely wear those denimshorts, paired with white platform-sneakers, and a striped top. Or that awesome pair of highwaisted skinnies, checked shirt and bomberjacket? What would you love to wear?

H&M collage Divided

When you spend at least 20 euros at the H&M Divided collection, fill in the form at your local H&M store (with Divided collection, not online) and tell us what would be your ultimate festival outfit to party in, you’ll have a shot at winning 2 out of 600 festival tickets to one of the following Dutch festivals: Valtifest, A Day at the Park, Zomerkriebels, Wish, TikTak & Lief. Thought you might be interested in joining ;)


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  1. carol says:

    not a fan of festivals but it must be great


  2. Eva says:

    Heerlijke inspiratie. Al ben ik zelf nog nooit op een festival geweest, de stijl spreekt me zeker aan! Vooral de eerste jas in de collage en het Tres Cool shirt vind ik gaaf! xx


  3. Klinkt als een leuke wedstrijd!

    De H&M divided collectie vind ik vaak sowieso al heel leuk, dus nu een extra reden om te shoppen :p



  4. Nathalie says:

    Leuke keuzes voor het festivalseizoen!

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