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Last week(s) has been quite hectic and busy. I’m not complaining, I love being busy, but I have to say I’ve been running my ass off between appointments and the occasional social event like a mad (wo)man. Talking about running: as you might know I attended tthe We Own The Night ladiesrun in Amsterdam last year. It was the moment I started running and an entire year has gone by now. Ofcourse I want to crush my PR on the next one, so I better start stepping up my game now.. and so I did. Besides that I joined team Eastpak on their lovely trip to Rotterdam – a city so close to Amsterdam, but a place I actually never visit  – and really enjoyed how they really made an effort to show us the cool spots in this city.


Ofcourse, I found another pair of cool sneakers – Adidas this time. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of leopardkicks, but never found a pair that really caught my eye.. This one did. Just like the baggy Phoebe jeans by MiH Jeans did! Clicked it home as soon as I found it for a great price and I can’t wait for it to arrive. On another note: I was invited to the Vanilia store-event and tried on some amazing skirts (didn’t end up buying one though.. maybe I’ll get back later, I wasn’t really in a shoppingmood.. say what?), ate sushi and did a fragrance test (cool thing to do!). I’ve been trying some new beautyproducts lately – got hooked to this Kiyoko lipbalm by the way, made by some of my fellow GL2R runners and honestly: it’s so gooood! – and even managed to create some loose curls in my not-so-curly (read: superstraight!) hair. And don’t you just love the spot me and my boyfriend and I had dinner this week? Defenitely a place I’ll come back when summer kicks in. And the best thing? It’s in my neighbourhood.


Busy week? Yes. Did I like that? Hell yes, I did. Wanna keep track of my style/crushes/hectic life? Follow me on Instagram (@sffte).


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