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Running. Working out. Sports. Something that has always been a huge part of my life, but never has been so fashionable, lol. I used  to play korfball (yep, that mixed-gender sport that has some similarities with basketball) for 20 years, took some other lessons like rugby (pretty cool!) or gymnastics (oh the horror, too girly for me I guess?), exercised at the gym and did kickboxing for quite some time. Anyway, all these sports (besides gymnastics..) were awesome, but didn’t include awesome shoes. And since awesome shoes have always been my weak spot ánd because I received lots of questions about how I pic my runningshoes, what are my faves etc, I thought dedicating a post on this topic might be a fun thing to do.


As you can see, my runningshoes are a bit more colourful that my daily wardrobe; bright colours it is (that bright yellow colour – Nike calls it ‘Volt’ – is just perfect. Spices up everything. Anyway. I have to admit that not all these shoes are very run-appropriate for me and my very bad ankles (entire story here), so that’s why I use my Nike Free’s in the gym or just as a sneaker in daily life.


What do we have here? Starting on top, rotating clockwise:

1. Nike Lunar Glide 4 (I ID’d these, so they’re not in store) 2. Nike Flyknit Lunar 3. Nike Lunar Glide 4+ 4. Nike Free 4.0 5. Nike Air Max Flyknit 6. Nike Lunarlon 7. Nike Free 2.0 8. Nike Air Lunar Safari 9. Nike Free 3.0 10. Nike Flyknit Lunar 1 11. Nike Air Pegasus +30 Shield, 12. Nike Air Pegasus +30 13. Nike Free 3.0 – Yup, all Nike. My favourite sports-/lifestylebrand ever. As a kid, I even saved up for my first pair.


How do you pick yours?

Since you and your runningshoes are going to be best buddies for quite some time, it’s important you pick the right shoe. I’m not gonna lie, I do want my runningshoes to look cool, but first I select the shoes that match my feet, my type of running and the amount of cushioning I want. Painful knees, shinsplits and all other kinds of injuries can be helped by picking the right shoe. My advice: go to your local runspecialist (I went to Run2Day in Amsterdam) and let them make a scan of the way you run. They can single out whether you need a neutral ride shoe or one with dynamic support. You can also fill in this little questionnaire, but ofcourse the scan is more precise.


What are your faves?

My current faves are the Nike Air Max Flyknit and the Nike Pegasus 30+   (see pictures). Even though I have to admit I never thought I’d actually run in the Flyknits, I actually did. I love the lightness of the entire shoe without loosing cushioning. This shoe actually offers a very responsive ride – something not everyone likes – but combines this with the outstandig technology of the Flyknit upper. And yes, the design is quite attractive as well..


Then the Pegasus 30+. I have to admit, the Pegasus isn’t the prettiest shoe out of the bunch. Yes, it comes in cool colours, but still. When I tried the Pegasus shoe for the first time (it was the one with the shield in it, this one doesn’t have a shield, which makes it a better shoe for spring/summer), I was sold. I was amazed by it’s cushioned ride and loved how it was shaped around my foot (no foot-fetish here ;)). This actually is one of the first shoes that closes properly on my feet (I have very, véry narrow feet, so usually shoes are still too loose around the foot), is very light but doesn’t make any concessions on the cushioning. Defenitely my current fave. I ran WOTN Milan in them and I will defenitely wear them during WOTN Amsterdam as well. See you there?




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