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Time for another diary. How I love summer is going on in full force. Even though I feel like I miss half of it, because I work 40 hours (while everyone is posting beachpics and cocktailphoto’s all. the. time. Not kidding), I fully enjoy the weekend and the summery evenings. For instance, last weekend my man and I spent our weekend on the island. Yup, again. Went to the beach (Dutch beaches can be pretty awesome too, love the atmosphere on the island in general), went out for dinner on the beach too and had the best burger ever. It was one of those weekends, you hope they’ll never end. But in fact, they do. But this time I didn’t really mind, since I’m really enjoying the new job and this week was full of activities and opportunities as well. Spend lots of time behing my computer, took out my yellow Mulberry friend again (I always take it out in Summer, while it usually stays untouched in wintertime), received that awesome white oversized bikerjacket and: went to Amsterdam Live on Stage this weekend with my love.


ALOS is a kinda small festival in the Riekershaven in Amsterdam. This year, after last years smash out succes, they had a day long programme with two stages and different cool acts like Chef’s Special, Bakermat, Jett Rebel, Go Back To The Zoo and Goldfish (our fave). It was an amazing day, had lots of sun and fun and I have to say I had the best festivalfood I ever had. So happy they serve more healthy food on festivals lately, unlike years ago, when all you could get where burgers and fries. I love the occasional burger – when well executed – but I prefer the vegan wraps we had at ALOS.


Well, off to another cool day today, because we’re going to go SUP-ing with the GirlsLove2Run crew. No lazy Sundays for us, and since I never SUP’ed before, I’m very curious how I’m going to perform ;) Curious? Follow @SFFTE on Instagram.


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