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Wow, that weekend has gone by so fast! I know, there’s a full day ahead of us, but still. Wanted to show you guys what I’ve been up to this week, but found out there’s not so much new to tell haha. I spent 40 hours at the new job, kept drooling over new Nike kicks (love those new and improved Air Forces, would love to get my hands on them..), daydreamed about the gorgeous sunsets we experienced at the island Texel last weekend, enjoyed my coffeebreaks (├índ my new name apparently..), did a little afterwork-shopping (still in love with those classic Celine’s..) and documented my fromwhereistands for you guys ;) What do you think of the almost-too-ugly-but-therefore-so-cool extremely baggy trousers? And my socks-in-sneakers-with-a-dress-combo? Oh and what to think of my new and clean jacket? It’s a New Look sample, so I’m not sure if you’ll find it anywhere. I’m obsessed! :) For more, make sure you follow @SFFTE on Instagram


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