It’s that time again. Next Saturday I’m going to pay a visit to the hairmasters of Vollebergh Kappers again, to work their Tigi magic on top of my head. Even though I usually think I exactly know what I want, but turn out to be in doubt as soon as I’m on my way there, this time I pretty convinced I’m going to to my shorter, blunt chop. In pearly white, like you’ve already seen my rocking it for a couple of years now. At this moment my hair is getting pretty long already and it just doesn’t really feel like ‘me’ anymore. Time for a proper cut. What do you think?


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  1. Ik vind de middelste foto boven en onder echt zo gaaf. Lijkt me zo gaaf om eens zo licht te gaan maar ben echt bang dat mijn haar dan dod uit mijn hoofd komt vallen….xx

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