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“Undercover’s founder Jun Takahashi is well acquainted with Parisian runways. But he takes a different approach with Gyakusou, shifting his focus to running trails.


Since 2010, Takahashi has morphed his passion for sport and design into a revolutionary rethinking of the modern running uniform. The designer – a member of Tokyo’s GIRA running club – draws from his own athletic insights, particularly when experimenting with new forms like the Dri-FIT Utility Long Tights and Engineered Sleeve Composite Jacket.


Gyakusou – taken from the Japanese word “gyaku,” meaning to reverse, references GIRA members’ method of running counter-clockwise through parks in Tokyo. Progressive in theory and practice, this season’s collection considers what a running uniform might resemble decades from now – with the technical innovations to match.”


I’m in love. Find the story and collection HERE.



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