I could have started this post by saying I’m not a firm believer of new year’s resolutions. Not because I think there’s something wrong with them in general, but mostly because I fully believe in the fact that if you’re not satisfied with something, you can change that at any time. You don’t need a new year to start working on your goals, right? But I found myself reminiscing the past year lately and looking back and looking forward to me are never two entirely seperate things. I can’t think about the past – successes or things I would have done differently – without thinking about solutions on how to accomplish these things (again, or better) in the near future. Re-solutions, so to speak. So here I am, writing down my new year’s resolutions. Only three of them, but I think that these are three things that are challenging enough for now, so here we go:

1. Deep cleanse.
I already started this last month, but I really, REALLY want to shrink my wardrobe. I’ll probably never be the girl with a small rack of clothes and 2 pairs of shoes to wear, but the amount of clothes, shoes, jackets and other *&^%$ I currently own is insane. Every now and then I donate bags full of clothes to charity, friends or family, but for the new year I’m thinking about organising a huge closet sale, perhaps together with some fellow bloggers, and drastically scale down that wardrobe. I even thought of starting to live by the ‘rules’ of the 5 piece French Wardrobe system, but I already know this is not something I will persevere in – given the amount of stuff I also receive for collaborations with brands etc -, so I’d rather not set a goal that’s not reasonable. The system might be a good idea to keep in mind when sorting out my wardrobe: what kinds of things might need a replacement (black skinny jeans, a grey pair pair of trousers, a navy thin knit, just to name a few)? What kinds of things actually do add something to my cleaned-out wardrobe? What’s is the cost per wear of some really awesome items I already own, but somehow never wear? Would it be better to sell them too? All in all: deep wardrobe cleanse, stay tuned.

2. Get back into my work-out routine.
I’ve always been a sporty type, and I can’t remember not feeling good about getting sweaty every now and then. From the moment I could hold a ball properly (I was 4 years old..) I played korfball. Let’s call it the Dutch equivalent of basketball, to keep it simple ;). Not a single day went by without spending time on the fields (at its peak I trained and played matches 6-8 times a week). Besides that I’ve tried many other sports, like fitness, rugby, swimming, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, spinning and running.

To be honest, I never found a type of sport I liked doing as much as playing korfball (I practised it for 20 years), so when I decided to quit playing it (no time, I moved, didn’t find a club I really liked, etc) I found myself trying all new sort of things. All very nice, but all without a purpose. Not that I’m always looking for a purpose (to be honest: sometimes the ‘health-bloggers-world freaks me out from time to time, but that’s a whole other story), but I want to find my love for sports again. I don’t want to go out for a run because I feel obliged to run 10km within 48 minutes. I don’t want to drag myself on that spinning bike because I can count how many calories I lost by spending 50 of my life on that thing afterwards, and I certainly don’t want to compare myself to all the ab-picture-posting chicks on Instagram. I just want to rekindle my love for sports because I used to enjoy them so much.

3. Spend time with people who matter the most.
Juggling a full-time job, a business and all the things that come with these two jobs, don’t necessarily leave much time to spend on the people that matter the most to me: my love, my family and my close friends. Friends come and go, that’s super normal, but I really cherish the few friends that tend to stick around. The ones that are always there for you when you need them and the ones you’re always there for when they need you (interesting sentence ;)). I feel lucky to be able to say I have a bunch of amazing friends, but I’ve also come to the frightening conclusion that sometimes your ‘friends’ aren’t more than just acquaintances. Sometimes friendships mean different things to each and everyone of us, and that’s ok, but I just want to be more aware of that given fact. Real friends know they are your friends, right? For 2016 I decided to start focusing on people who wanted nothing but my time. Time we can spend together.

Tell me, can you relate? Any new year’s resolutions yourself? 

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