OUTFIT: 250215




Ph. Shirley

Somehow it feels right to send my apologies to you guys for the silence on my blog lately. I’ve been literally too busy to actually breathe, but I’m certainly not complaining: I’m in a very happy place when it comes to everything work related, but sometimes that means I had to prioritise. In other words: do I want to post some crap on my blog for the sake of posting? Or do I give myself the space to sort things out and post qualitative good stuff? I prefer option two.


Does that mean I’ll continue to post less? Certainly not, I’ve got a few things up my sleeve already: looks like we’ll finally be working on a new design for SFFTE, new angles, new stuff. All fine in this little digital corner, so don’t you worry ;) Just aty tuned.


Coat – H&M Trend / Trousers – Mango / Boots – Dr. Martens / Scarf – Acne / Watch – Clusewatches


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