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One of the requests I got a lot lately (keep them coming btw, love to hear your thoughts on the type of articles you’d like to read on SFFTE) is what my closet looks like. I might have shown some glipses every now and then on Instagram already, and since I’m not feeling comfortable on video (one of the other requests.. sorry!), I decided to show a part of my wardrobe. Lots of shoes, lots of jackets. One of the things I like the most about having a walk in closet is the fact that I’m able to switch up my current favourite pieces once in while and display them like little pieces of art (nerd alerrrrt!), so it feels like my own personal little space. One I like to (re)decorate frequently, just like I did last weekend: fresh tulips (like a true Dutchie should ;)), latest sneaker additions, fresh new Farrow & Ball wallpaper in a light tone to emphasize the light in the room, but still add a nice touch to a plain wall. What do you think?


Knit I’m wearing: / wallpaper – Farrow & BallĀ 


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