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I have this love-hate relationship with sale shopping. Can’t really say I loooove it (think: messy stores, stained fabrics, crowded shopping streets, you know what I’m talking about), but I can’t say I hate it either. I mean: discount, anyone? I kind of made it my specialty – humble brag, but really, ask my friends :’) – to find the coolest hidden gems at the end of the sale season and these boots turned out to be among them. I’ve not-so-secretly been eyeing on the Chloé Susanna boots for years and years now, but somehow – probably the fact that they were overly hyped and copied by every single highstreet store on the planet – I never decided to bring them home.

Then I layed my eyes on Anine Bing’s Charlie boots. Same feel, less copied. I also heared the quality of these boots is awesome and they’re really comfortable, and as you know: I’m a sucker for comfort, so these boots seemed to be the right subsitute for the Chloé’s.. until I found these. Sleek pointy toe, textured leather and a bit more subtle use of studs compared to the boots mentioned above. I have the feeling the boots may take some time to break in since they’re pretty narrow around the fore foot, but I guess we’re going to be the best of friends after that.

What do you think?

Studded boots – Chloé

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