Our first day of our first time in Barcelona. The bf and I spent our Summer working our asses off, looking at Instagram feeds of our friends on the most beautiful locations all over the world (from Norway to South Africa, from the States to Bali, all equally awesome), but now it’s our time to celebrate some time off together and we’re more than excited to explore this wonderful city that’s pretty close to Amsterdam (only two hours away, can you imagine?) but looks nothing like home. I mean: at home we don’t have a swimming pool on our roof top ;)

Anyway, our first day was all about eating ice cream, strolling around the city, finding out where to eat the best tapas (any tips? Please shout!) and drink the best sangria. Looking forward to exploring the city even more. On the menu today: La Rambla. Because, well. Starting with the most touristy stuff usually sounds like a great plan to start with.

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5 thoughts on “FIRST DAY IN BARCA”

  1. Ohhh, Barcelona <3 Ik heb heerlijke tapas gegeten bij Bar Lobo (zijstraat Ramblas) en yummy lunch en iced coffee bij Café Cosmo (universiteitsbuurt)! Heel mooi trouwens, je nieuwe layout :)

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