With a closet full of shoes – I know a lot of people around me might think I’m a shoe hoarder, and I fully admit that – one might think I own shoes in every single shape and colour out there. Well, think again. 80-90% of my shoe closet consists out of sneakers (duh!) and ankle boots. Doesn’t mean I don’t like other types of shoes. Even though you wouldn’t say so, I’m very picky when it comes to finding the right pairs. For example, I’d love to add a pair of plain black heels to the collection. A simple and clean pair, preferrably with a not-too-high-nor-too-low heel – let’s call it a walkable one – that can be worn with a pair of ripped jeans, but super classy with black trousers or culottes as well. Besides the black heels, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of black loafers. To me, loafers need to tick a few boxes:

– Black. Black is always the better option.
– They have to be rather chunky, when they’re too elegant, I think they look fussy on me.
– No shiny leather, because as much as I loved Michael Jackson, his style certainly wasn’t mine ;).
– Small enough for my narrow feet (rather hard to find when thinking of demand number 2).
– Not too stiff (note to self: if shoes don’t fit properly in store, they won’t stretch enough until they do).

So, when all else fails, I can always rely on my trusty old sneakers and boots, but I’m determined to find the perfect black, chunky loafers this fall. Can’t wait to pair the with an awesome pair of glittery or white socks (maybe Michael J. and I do have more in common than I initially thought..?). Tips are more than welcome.

How do you like loafers anyway? Or how would you pair them? I’m curious!

Ph. by Victoria Tornegren

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