It’s that time again! Booked an appointment at my favourite hairdresser’s again, so the search for inspiration has started as well. Or to be completely honest: my iphone is filled with inspirational pics of the most amazing hairdo’s already, but I managed to narrow it down to something I really like: pretty short and white/grey. Even though I was thinking about letting my hair grow to a slightly longer length again, I decided to go for a super blunt chop one last time and then let it grow back at at the same time (no layers, no nothing). And since I’m still not over my white/greyish colour, all I need is a touch up (or I might end up going more grey that I initially thought.. haven’t still made up my mind though).

I always receive quite a lot of questions about my hair and how to accomplish this colour as well. I would love to answer all these questions, but to be honest: I’m by no means a hair colour specialist, that’s why I always leave my locks in the safe have of the miracle workers at Volleberghkappers in the south of our country: Den Bosch. And yes, I travel all the way from Amsterdam to get there, because I know they’re not the type of hairdressers that 1. cut off 10 inches while you said ‘just a little bit shorter’ and 2. always get the exact colour I want. So my advice: if you’d like to have a white/grey tone just like I have, don’t start messing around at home, but ask a specialist.

Wanna know what kind of products/treatment they use on me exactly? Let me know in the comment section below, and perhaps I can ask them step by step, so I can write a post about this entire process.





Src: @Josefinsoso, @KarissaSparke, @Inthefrow, Angelica Blick

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