What finding the perfect oversized coat can do to your mood. As you can see I’m very happy I found this huge camel-coloured friend on the racks of our Scandi retailer, since: 1. it’s the biggest coat I’ve ever owned. 2. It’s not black 3. It has a button. Might sound stupid, but all the pretty coats I ended up buying didn’t have a proper way to close it.

unnamed (9)

unnamed (8)

Talking about huge: I got this awesome oversized knit at Ready to Fish (they’re having their stock sale this weekend, definitely go check it out) and I’ve been living in it ever since. Love it! Talking about living in something: I gave my trusty old Air Forces some rest and rekindles my love for Air Max (who am I kidding, I never lost that..) by adding the volt GS version (via Sarenza) to the collection.

unnamed (7)

unnamed (6)

Good food makes me happy, same for good shoes. But in this case: the shoes only looked good, because they were painful as hell. Not sure if I’m ever gonna wear these again. Such a shame.

unnamed (5)

unnamed (4)

Dug up my favourite big and black Acne Canada scarf again. One of the benefits of dropping temperatures, right?

unnamed (3)

unnamed (2)

Amsterdam vs. island houses.. Equally pretty, but in so many different ways.



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