New week, new outfit! This is the first out of many looks I created with the items I added to the wardrobe (read all about that here). Nothing too special as it seems, but what makes this outfit very special to me is that the jeans are actually tall enough for me. Same story for the sleeves of this coat, yay! That’s a first! I’m always having a hard time find black skinny jeans that are like super tall, because as much as I love a bare ankle, sometimes I’m just not in the mood for that. Both the jeans and the coat are from the Asos Tall collection and I couldn’t be more excited about discovering everything this section has to offer. Can’t believe I didn’t dive into this earlier, but very glad I did now.

Coat – Asos Tall / Jeans – Asos Tall / Boots – Invito / Watch – Prisma

13 thoughts on “THAT COSY GREY COAT”

  1. O.M.G !!!!
    Never knew there was a tall section @ASOS !!!!
    Thank u so much for this piece of information, I’m so happy :)
    Life-changing concerning pants (always had ‘the-super-tall-hard-time-find’ problem ^^) plus the fact O love ASOS beyond everything !
    Thanks again and have a great day ! ;)

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