It’s not very easy to think of an outfit for Christmas that doesn’t include a proper sparkle. But here’s the case: I’m just not that into sparkles. Glitters. Sequins. I can appreciate them – when well executed – but just not on me. Until these subtle but still pretty sparkly fellas caught my eye: black suede chelsea boots (comfort, yay!) with a sparkly heel that doesn’t scream ‘X-MAS’, but adds a nice touch to my usual very black outfits. And you know you’ve done a good purchase if you can’t wait for Christmas to start wearing them, so you rock them on a regular Tuesday. That’s what I did today. Outfit pics will follow, so stay tuned ;)

Chelsea boots with sparkly heel – Mellow Yellow via Sarenza

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  1. Ze zijn zo leuk! Nu wil ik ze ook, haha!

    1. You know where to find them ;)


  2. ah heel leuk!

  3. I don’t like glitter at all but these boots are the exception – gorgeous!
    x. Mirjam

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