There are many things in life that can really cheer up my mood instantly, and new shoes – especially all white ones – are certainly among those things. I’ve been eyeing on these all white Docs for quite some time already. They were launched as a limited edition pair a few years ago, but they were gone in my size by the time I decided I really wanted needed them in my life. And now that they re-released this monochrome pack, I somehow still didn’t end up getting them. Perhaps because I was trying to be a grown-up and tried to tell myself I have enough Dr. Martens – or shoes in general – by now.. but let’s face it: does something like ‘enough shoes’ even exist? Brought these babies home from my trip to London a few weeks ago (that’s what travelling does to you, recognise that?) and I’m still very happy I did.

Coat – And Other Stories / Trousers – Asos / Boots – Dr. Martens / Cashmere Knit – C&A / Beanie – HOPE

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